Crippling Heel Pain Can Stop You In Your Tracks!

Most foot and heel pain is caused by the same faulty foot bone positions. That means that when one is treated, it all gets better!

One of the most painful foot conditions is called plantar fasciitis. Sometimes this is referred to as a heel spur, but is actually not. A heel spur is diagnosed on an x-ray and not very many people have them. Heel spur treatment usually involves surgery and possibly special shoe inserts. It's a bony growth on the bottom of the foot and often isn't even noticed. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the area just behind the arch of the foot and is extremely painful first thing in the morning when getting out of bed and will throb after sitting down when you've been on your feet all day. Putting your feet on an ice bag for about ten minutes will offer temporary relief. But you need more than that to make it go away permanently.

Bunions are another type of foot pain that is associated with the foot bones being aligned incorrectly. With proper treatment, the big toe will straighten, at least part way. Any painful inflammation will go away.

Occasionally, there will be a complaint of pain on the top of the foot and it is resolved by aligning the bones there. If this condition continues for any length of time, it may cause a condition called Morton's Neuroma. This is an inflammation of one or more joints at the ball of the foot and, again, is extremely painful. Any inflammation is temporarily relieved with short, frequent sessions with ice. On the bottom of the foot, use it for five to ten minutes only.

Other foot problems that may arise are frequent toe stubbing, causing ankle sprains. We may not associate missteps with falls and sprains, but if you pay attention, you may start to notice it. Occasionally, there is Achilles tendon pain is a different type of heel pain that usually comes and goes. Often, you will notice calf cramping or shin splints. The Charley Horses come up during the night and the shin splints will be noticed during or right after running.

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Most people that have foot problems and/or heel pain also have chronic low back pain. Even without foot pain, chronic low back pain improves when the feet are re-aligned.

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