IBS symptoms often disappear within two weeks!

IBS has been attributed to many sources, including food allergies, candida, and parasites. While these conditions may sometimes contribute to the abdominal pain, more often these are not the cause.

The person suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome may also be suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. If you have generalized edema or swelling, you are dehydrated because the water your body depends on is going between the cells and not into them. So, IBS is more than just some discomfort.

It's helpful to make sure you don't have food allergies, but treatment for IBS usually takes two weeks. So, if you don't respond to the treatment, then you can be checked for the less frequent problems--food allergies. The food allergies that cause the biggest problems are: milk and milk products (but not butter--it's a fat), egg whites, soy, and the worst one, gluten. The biggest difference between IBS and these food allergies are that the food allergies often (but not always) cause extreme fatigue along with the abdominal pain.

Constipation also will cause abdominal pain and may even cause low back pain. Normally, you should have two or three bowel movements every day, about a half hour after eating. They should be formed without being hard. Diarrhea is unformed or watery stools. Holding waste products in the intestines can cause the lining to become irritated and, eventually, sores or fissures can form. Then the pain becomes worse. If the condition goes on long enough, it may require surgery to repair the damage. Also, holding waste contributes to colon cancer. Your body has gone through a lot of trouble to filter out the many toxins assaulting it on a daily basis, so not getting rid of it causes the whole system to back up and we become less and less efficient at filtering out those toxins.

If you have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome or think you have it, watch for problems after eating certain foods. Sometimes a food diary is helpful. Also, watch for problems with extreme fatigue, trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, tight muscles or spasms or muscle pain. Don't just suffer, and medication may not be necessary.

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