Are you living with back pain?

Back pain can prevent you from doing the things you want to do. It can hang around for years after an initial injury. That injury may be from sports, a fall, or some other type of accident. Some injuries that occur during childhood seem to "go away", but often crop up later in life in a way that we don't associate the pain to the old injury.

Low back pain is often the result of sports injuries, especially football injuries. You may notice tightness, or outright pain. Sometimes it's uncomfortable to sit for any length of time and you get fidgety. Walking or sitting for even short periods of time may cause discomfort. Occasionally, lying down is more uncomfortable than walking or sitting. You will have periods of pain, then it will "go away" for awhile. If it keeps coming back, it never went away--your body adapted to the discomfort. When it "comes back", it will get worse and last longer. Some types of low back pain may also cause leg pain, burning, or a pins and needles sensation. This type of pain may be sciatica or a herniated disc and both can almost always be treated conservatively without surgery. Rehabilitation must be part of the treatment for low back problems.

Upper back pain is more often related to posture and poor ergonomics but can be the result of direct injury also. Often, people will say they have shoulder pain and tightness. Actually, this type of shoulder pain is the result of spasms in the muscles and may be accompanied by headaches. Misaligned ribs cause spasms in the mid to upper back.

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Massage may be tried for both shoulder pain and upper back pain, but relief is only temporary. Combined with chiropractic adjusting, massage becomes much more effective. When the bones are not aligned correctly at the joints, there is stress on some of the attached muscles. They cannot relax due to the stress, and the result is spasm. Spasm is usually described as tightness or deep, achy pain.

ust as with any other type of healthcare, there are many types of massage. You want therapeutic massage for pain in the back. At Oasis Chiropractic & Bodywork, there is a massage therapist who treats both chronic and acute conditions, so you can have both chiropractic treatment and massage during the same visit. Are you ready to get rid of your pain?

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