A Breast Cyst Usually Causes Some Concern

Any lump in your breast can cause concern, or even be downright frightening. So, a breast cyst may cause you to worry. Make sure you get a diagnosis as soon as possible. Once it is properly diagnosed as a cyst, it is easily treated. In fact, it will often disappear within a couple of weeks!

Cysts in the breasts are often the result of a hormone imbalance. In fact, most lumps in the breasts are the result of too much estrogen, or at least in relationship to progesterone. So, they are a symptom of a condition, not a condition itself.

Estrogen dominance causes a number of symptoms and is quite serious. Breast cyst treatment that does not include diet changes is incomplete and will not work! The longer you have hormone imbalance, the more and worse the symptoms.


It's very important to treat the condition causing the cyst as wellas treating the cyst. It's just another estrogen side effect.

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