Treat Diabetes Without Medication

Type 2 diabetes is becoming an epidemic. But you can avoid becoming one of the statistics. If you've already been diagnosed with the adult onset type you can reverse it, reducing or eliminating your insulin or glucophage.

Type II Diabetes doesn't just suddenly happen. It is the result of years of incorrect diet, with way too much simple carbohydrates like bread, pasta, sugar, potatoes, and sweets. In other words, a typical American diet. We're able to burn a little of the fuel that it provides, but most is put into storage (as fat), using insulin. We keep eating more and more carbs and we need more and more insulin. The body becomes insulin resistant, causing it to make even more and more insulin. It's like using earplugs so the music on the radio has to be turned up louder.

After eating these simple carbs we have a short energy burst, but then the blood sugar drops and we feel fatigue and head fog. These are the main symptoms of low blood sugar. The high highs followed by the low lows are not only inconvenient, but bad for your body. When your body is busy putting the excess sugar from the simple carbs into storage, it is unable to burn the stored fat, so there is little energy left to run your body--time for a nap. But, even worse, we don't have time to nap, so we keep going even though we feel like we're going to drop! You may feel thirsty all the time. The body is trying to dilute the high sugar or insulin levels in the blood. If any of this sounds familiar, it's time to take notice BEFORE you have full-blown diabetes and need medication.

Everyone should be following a diabetic diet for better health. You will avoid becoming insulin resistant and will have more energy. Simple carbohydrates turn to sugar very quickly and you should limit eating them to very occasionally. The main part of the diet should always be vegetables--raw or steamed is best. Some protein should be included and fruit should be limited and not eaten before mid-afternoon. Berries are best.

If you're already insulin resistant or have type 2 diabetes, you need to do more. There are supplements that will help the body recover. If you're on medication, the glucophage or insulin needs to be monitored closely because you will need less and less. You must work closely with your doctors and never change your medication without medical supervision.

So, change your ways and find your way to health!

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