Elbow pain may be related to other problems in the arm.

Elbow pain is associated with a misalignment of the elbow, accompanied by swelling. Other problems in the arm may be caused by a misalignment of the elbow also, like wrist pain, forearm pain, and carpal tunnel type pain.

Tennis elbow is the most common type of elbow pain, caused by repetitive use, not always by playing tennis. This is tendinitis that you will notice at the inside of the elbow. Another similar injury is Golfer's elbow, tendinitis at the outside of the elbow. There is swelling in the joint, causing pressure on the pain sensor nerves within the joint. It takes time to heal, but there are several things to do to speed the process and prevent re-injury.

Injuries involving a direct blow to the elbow will also cause a misaligned joint with swelling, but there may not be damage to the tendons. You may notice being unable to fully straighten your arm. Returning the bones to their proper position usually remedies the problem quickly, providing there is no damage to the bones.

Sometimes carpal tunnel type pain is actually pain referred from muscle spasms caused by misalignment of the elbow. Simple testing can differentiate between the causes and there are different treatments. You may need both types of treatment, but surgery may not be necessary.

Because the two bones in the forearm are also part of the wrist, you may notice wrist pain. Often, one area in the body will hurt but there are more areas with problems that will cause pain when the primary pain is removed. So, if the elbow hurts and the wrist is not also checked for problems, the wrist may begin to hurt after the elbow pain is removed. Or the other way around. It's also a good idea to check the shoulder, but it's not as closely related to elbow problems as the wrist is.

There are herbal compounds to help with both inflammation and pain, with no side effects, that can be used for any of these problems if needed. Getting rid of elbow pain may be easier that you think.

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