Headaches are not normal and using pain killers is not good for your health.

Stop headaches by treating the source of the pain. Painkillers, used frequently and for long periods, can damage the liver and kidney.

Head pain is often caused by neck pain or at least stiffness caused by the bones being misaligned. When the bones are misaligned, the muscles attached to those bones can feel tight or sore because they are in spasm. Sometimes the misaligned bones can be farther down into the mid back while the muscles will cause referred pain to the head. This type of headache usually starts at the back of the head at the bottom and can go over the top of the head to the forehead or temples.

neck pain migraines

TMJ problems can also cause head pain, usually involving the entire head. Sometimes it will feel worse just in front of the ears. The TMJ is the jaw hinge, just in from of the ears. Unless you have specific pain in the jaw or muscles in front of the ears, you may not know you have a TMJ problem. TMJ disorders can be the result of injuries, even minor. Whether the injury is the result of a car collision, or a fall, or just a severe head jerk, the results can be long lasting. It may be a problem after having dental work because a light, sustained pressure can torque the jaw out of alignment. You may notice clenching or grinding, while either awake or asleep when the TMJ is not aligned, but you will almost always have headaches.

Migraines have a number of causes, sometimes more than one. If you pay attention, you may notice that you get migraines just before or at the beginning of your period or with a change in weather. But there may also be other causes. While there is not a cure for migraines , the number and intensity can be greatly reduced, yes even if it's related to your period.


There are herbal compounds that do not cause liver and kidney damage that can be used, at least temporarily, to help relieve stubborn pain.

Stop suffering with headaches and get help now. Don't live with pain!

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