An overabundance of hormones can cause many problems.

Some of the problems hormones can cause include difficulty with your period and menopause, PMS, infertility, gall bladder, depression, and anxiety.

Excess estrogen causes most of the problems associated with your periods and menopause. You should have a regular cycle with bleeding for 3-5 days with no clotting. PMS is not normal. Cramping should be mild or non- existent. You should never have hot flashes or insomnia or bone density loss. Traditionally, these problems are often treated with more estrogen (synthetic), helping with some symptoms, but causing more problems in the long run.

Excess estrogen is often the culprit with gall bladder pain also. A feeling of fullness and bloating, sometimes a little nausea, burping, especially after eating a fatty meal or lettuce are signs of gall bladder problems. Treated early, surgery can and should be avoided. Gall bladder symptoms can be treated without surgery and treating the cause will eliminate recurrance.

Gall Bladder Pain

Excess estrogen, left untreated for an extended period, often causes depression that is then treated with more medication with lots of unpleasant side effects. A type of treatment that works well for depression involves treating the depression and treating the cause until both are resolved. Open-ended dependence is often not necessary. Depression coupled with chronic stress can lead to anxiety and, possibly, panic attacks. All of the emotional problems from PMS to anxiety and panic attacks caused by excess estrogen make you feel "crazy" and out of control. Treatment works at any stage, but the length of time for treatment is different for the severity and length of time left untreated.


Infertility in women may also be helped by eliminating estrogen dominance. Whether your problem is not ovulating, frequent miscarriages, or just not conceiving, your problem may be a hormone imbalance.

Untreated estrogen dominance ultimately can lead to the problems associated with menopause--osteoporosis, heart disease, and even adult onset diabetes. There is natural treatment for any stage without side effects.

Estrogen Dominance is often accompanied by another common problem: Adrenal Fatigue. With these two problems, your health can be destroyed and you have an almost endless list of symptoms.

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