Hypothyroid Dogs

Do you know how hypothyroid dogs look and act? Surprisingly, it's not the same as humans!

I see patients constantly who have the typical human symptoms of extreme fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, etc, etc. As I found out with my own little PJ, dogs' symptoms are quite different.

Suddenly, I found occasions where he would jump around uncontrollably, leading to whining and,eventually, to outright barking (PJ seldom barks). It continued to worsen, with him becoming increasingly agitated. Finally, I took him for behavioral training where several methods were used to modify the behavior unsuccessfully. The trainer suggested that he might be hypothyroid and that he needed a blood test to diagnose it.

I went home and began my research and, instead of getting a blood test for him, I did muscle testing and that confirmed that PJ was indeed hypothyroid. Dogs become stressed when their thyroids are not working properly and they become overanxious. If ignored, the behavior can become drastic, and they may even bite! Fortunately, PJ never resorted to biting, but he sometimes became very frantic.

Rather than put him on life-changing and health-risking medication, I opted for my preferred natural methods. I put him on an all-natural supplement and began using TBM to treat him.

All of his symptoms cleared up within days, his behavior was back to normal and, unfortunately for PJ, I discontinued any further treatment. It's been several months without incident, but he's suddenly overanxious again. I began treating him two days ago and the symptoms are almost gone again.

So, learn from my lesson and watch your dog's behavior for drastic changes like that. Find a practitioner who uses TBM and Standard Process supplements and know that behavior problems may very well indicate a health issue. Remember, your dog can't talk to you in any other way, so pay attention.

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