Knee pain is not normal and it's not part of aging. It means something is wrong

Curing knee pain is easier than knee replacement surgery and also helps your chronic low back pain. Poor biomechanics cause knee swelling and pain. This is degeneration, also called chondromalacia patella. You may not have pain, but notice "crunching" or "crackling" in your knees. Faulty biomechanics also causes a number of other problems too.

A problem related to poor knee biomechanics, is bunions. Yep, bunions. Even if they don't hurt, those sideways big toes are a sign of a problem. Often, there will be some improvement in the toe position. That may not mean straight toes, but better.

Another common problem related to bad knees and poor biomechanics is plantar fasciitis. You know that pain on the bottom of your foot at the heel? It hurts the worst when you get out of bed in the morning or after being on your feet for awhile and you sit down. Agony! Getting a good pair of shoes will help, but there is a way to solve the problem for good.

Foot pain is not as common, but is also related to knee problems. More common is stubbing your toes or twisting your ankles for no particular reason. If you find this is your problem, you're not just clumsy--there's a problem. Get help before you sprain your ankle severely or even break it.

Sometimes chronic hip pain and, often, chronic low back pain accompanies knee pain. The same treatment helps all of these conditions at the same time.

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If you are tired of chronic pain and prefer not to have surgery or commit to long-term pain medication, there is an answer for you.

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