Migraines effect the quality of your life

Migraines cause nausea or vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, and you feel the need to go to bed in a darkened room for hours or even days. Sometimes you may see sparkling or flashing lights just before getting one or you may just know one is coming on. Most people that get them know what they are. Those of us that don't get them have a hard time understanding just how terrible they are. They're not the same as a tension or stress headache. Medication often helps if taken early enough. They may come on once or twice a year or once or twice a week! Prevention is possible although the reasons for are varied and numerous.

Many people know that they can expect one after a period of high stress or when they're overtired. Occasionally, one will come on just before the weather changes, the sufferer acting like a barometer. Women may get migraine headaches around the time of their period because of the change in hormone levels. Very occasionally, some people will react to very bright light or even toxins like car exhaust. Much more common is getting a migraine after skipping meals or after eating certain foods. However, the most common cause is food allergies. The foods that cause the reaction may surprise you. Sometimes the cause is a combination of things. If you know the cause, you can often find a way to avoid it.

If the cause is something you cannot avoid (like the changing weather), there are herbal supplements that you can take regularly that work quite well in reducing the severity. Over time, people notice that they get fewer headaches, even when they can't avoid the cause. In addition, regular chiropractic care has also been shown to reduce the frequency and intensity and can help shorten the length if treatment takes place when it first begins. While medication helps the sufferer through the headache, sometimes it causes side effects that are uncomfortable. You may have to stay in bed for a day or two even with medication. An effective treatment plan involves investigating the cause, lifestyle changes, regular chiropractic treatment, and possibly some supplements. So, if you or someone you know suffers from migraine headaches, you should know that there are alternative treatments that work very well. Make an informed choice about the type of treatment that works best for you and that makes you comfortable. Remember, it's your body.

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