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All vitamins and supplements are not the same. Most are portions of vitamins that are artificial. Artificial vitamins are the mirror image of natural vitamins and the body must rearrange them plus add the necessary enzymes in order to use them. So, instead of providing energy through nutrition, they use energy, further depleting an already depleted body (why are you taking vitamins?). Natural vitamin supplements are what we need to restore and sometimes maintain health.

Did you know that both vitamin E and vitamin C are in nature part of a complex? What we know as vitamin E and vitamin C are small parts of the complex and (this should make sense) don't work well alone. That's why people take such large doses. If you take a lot, your body will be able to use a portion of it after your body supplies the missing parts from its reserves. Most will be treated like a toxin by the liver and kidneys and be excreted.

Mineral supplements also need to be in a form that the body can use. Ground up stone and coral are poorly utilized forms of calcium. When we use these types of vitamin and mineral supplements, our bodies are stressed by trying to find a way to use them. Couple that with poor food and all of the other stress in our lives and it's no wonder we're in poor health. Even worse, many people don't even know how bad their health is! We've learned to live with allergies, stomach pain, back pain, headaches, lack of sleep and think this is normal.

The best thing we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to learn to eat better--a diet based on vegetables plus some protein and fruit--and recover with the use of natural vitamin supplements. Eat as organic as possible. Your fish should be wild if possible and your meat and eggs should be raised without hormones.

Use virgin olive oil for your salads and coconut oil from Tropical Traditions for your cooking.

Tropical Traditions

Most people are deficient in omega 3 fatty acids and cod liver oil is recommended. Properly handled cod liver oil does not smell or taste fishy. Once you open it, keep refrigerated. A teaspoon a day is the regular adult dose, but start with 1/8-1/4 teaspoon. Many times you will begin burping or belching--a sign of gall bladder distress.

Gall Bladder Pain

One of the most important mineral supplements is magnesium. It is nature's sedative and when people take it, sleep problems usually disappear. It's essential for people who notice muscle "tightness" or downright spasms and charleyhorses. Those spasms are also taking place in the tiny muscles of the arteries! So, it's very good for your cardiovascular health. There are over 600 known uses in the body for magnesium and still counting. By the way, if you've been taking calcium or calcium and magnesium supplements for your weak bones, it's not working. With few exceptions, we have plenty of calcium, but not enough magnesium. The magnesium draws the calcium into the bones. Without it, the calcium settles down into the wrong places like making spurs on the outside of your bones (osteoarthritis) or stones in your kidneys or gall bladder. Calcium has even been found forming a shell around the brain.

Often, magnesium is all that's needed for those irritable bowel sufferers. In case you don't know what that is, you go from being constipated for a few days to having loose movements, sometimes diarrhea. It's caused by the intestines being in spasm, so magnesium usually get rid of the problem quickly.

Calm is a powder in either plain, orange, or raspberry-lemon flavor that you mix in water and drink 1-3 times a day.

MSM is one of the safest supplements you can take. It is extremely useful for joint pain and you can take high doses without side effects. You should also be taking glucosamine sulfate for joint health, but the dosage for adults is 1500mg per day. So, don't get them in the same supplement or you'll never get enough MSM. For severe joint pain, you can take 2-4 MSM every 1/2 hour and reduce the dose as your pain decreases.

Recoving from injuries of any type is aided by taking the best enzyme formula around--WobenzymN clear (the red is sugar coated). So, if you've been rearended in your car, have had a fall, or are having low back pain that makes you feel like you can't straighten up, these enzymes will help you recover. Dosage is 3 tablets 2 times a day.

Speaking of injuries, for inflammation use bromelain BETWEEN meals. It is pineapple (sometimes papya) enzymes that will get rid of swelling very quickly with no side effects. Let's talk about table salt. Our bodies crave salt because it feeds our adrenal glands and they need constant help to deal with the stress of day to day life. However, we've been taught that we shouldn't eat salt. Well, that's true of table salt that you find in the supermarkets. That stuff is a by-product of mineral mining. After the profitable mineral have been extracted and sold, the waste product is sodium chloride. But, because it clumps when it collects moisture from the air, things are added to prevent it. Things like: Sodium Ferrocyanide, Tri-Calcium Phosphate, Stearic Acid, Dextrose (sugar), Aluminum Hydroxide, and Silica Aluminate. Most Americans have some level of aluminum toxicity and it has been strongly linked to Alzheimer's and dementia. Hmmm. Maybe that alone is a good reason not to eat it. But, sea salt can be good for you. Make a reasonable effort to get mineral rich sea salt from unpolluted water. We carry Celtic Sea Salt and if you never knew there was a difference in salt, get ready for a suprise. It's grey and quite soft and doesn't taste bitter like that other stuff out of the round box. If you have high blood pressure and are on medication, you still need real salt, but only a little now and then. Salt doesn't cause high blood pressure but it can interfere with your medication.

Now it's time to start taking care of ourselves. Aches and pains are not normal at any age. And masking pain is a bad idea. Start with natural vitamin and mineral supplements to begin restoring your health.

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