Neck pain should not be ignored.

Neck pain will make you an short-tempered and unpleasant to be around. Are the people around you asking if you're okay? Or have they just gotten used to you the way you are. It may be stress or it may be pain. Either way, it needs to be changed.

Neck pain may be a result of injuries or an auto accident. A bad fall or a car accident often results in neck injuries. Women's necks are not as muscular, so they tend to be injured a little more easily. If your neck is sore after some type of accident, get some treatment. The effects of the injury can be very long lasting. Headaches and stiffness are the long-term problems as your body diminishes the pain sensation.

In addition to treating the neck with chiropractic manipulation, you may need treatment tore-align the bones in the head. Cranio-sacral adjusting is extremely gentle and relaxing. Not all chiropractors do thistreatment, but it can be very helpful if there's been somekind of trauma.

Poor posture, especially while working at the computer, can cause a number of problems. Neck or mid back pain or stiffness are often noticed by those who work at a computer all day. Get help with proper ergonomics and posture with simple stretching and exercises to eliminate the discomfort.

For those who worry about having chiropractic manipulation on their necks, there are gentle, non-force techniques available and may even be preferable. Be sure to ask what to expect. There's no need to be nervous or upset. Shop around until you find a chiropractor who makes you feel comfortable and confident. You should also participate in your recovery. There are stages of recovery, followed by rehabilitation to prevent re-injury. Don't forget, you're the one who needs to get better.

If you're tired of having neck pain, get help. It's never too late! Call for an appointment with Dr Rains. 206-838-7416.

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